Shop Window Advertisements

The Window Display is especially suitable for projection in high light environments. The environmental light has almost no influence on the image quality. For this reason, the window display is extremely suitable for window applications. Studies have shown that animated advertising leads to a higher turnover; this makes the Window Display the ultimate advertisement medium. It is the perfect way to attract more customers to your shop.

Product features
* A perfect screen from all viewing angles
* No reflection of the screen
* The Window Display is very easy to install in shop windows
* High quality screen, even in high light environments
* Perfectly suitable for Videos, DVD or Data projection
* Very suitable for shop window applications
* Perfect advertisement medium
* Perfect for in-store-advertisements

Use Whispering Window to:

  • Build brand and image awareness
  • Drive traffic into your store or restaurant
  • Accompany signage or other visual elements

* Increase sales of a specific item or area within your location

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