Why Roadshow?

Why Advertise with Roadshow?

Need some reasons? How about increased brand awareness city-wide? What about boosting product, service or name recognition like you never imagined? How about amplifying your brand equity or greatly enhancing the numbers of your customers that see your ad? Most importantly, what about increased traffic to your business or website and the resultant increase in sales?

Advertising with Roadshow is proven and effective. But, we don’t expect you to believe everything that we say… we wouldn’t.

Okay, statistics aside, here are 10 reasons why you should advertise with us (other than… you’d be crazy not to).

1) Unmatched reach and frequency:

A minimum of five hours per day, through evening rush hour, every six seconds, an average of 86 times per hour, over 850 times per day we are displaying your message to thousands of your customers city-wide. With Roadshow, your advertising simply won’t take no for an answer.

2) The biggest bang for your advertising buck:

Unavoidable, unforgettable, and cost effective too? It’s the truth… with Roadshow your cost to reach 1000 of your customers is a fraction of other advertising mediums – the ultimate measure of overall effectiveness, see for yourself here.

3) Captive audience – a marketer’s dream:

Engage your audience with your advertising and they will become customers. With Roadshow your advertising cannot be tuned out, ignored, skipped, crumpled or thrown in the trash. But, with great power comes great responsibility. We encourage you to use these powers for good and not evil.

4) Relevant – the right place, at the right time:

Unprecedented relevance. To be effective, your advertisement needs to be relevant. Imagine controlling, when, where and in what context your target customers see your advertising message. Advertise to your consumers where they work, eat, play, shop, and spend money. Only Roadshow lets you be in all of these places with the same campaign.

5) Flexible and customizable campaigns:

Roadshow boasts the unique ability to offer our clients truly customized and flexible turn-key advertising campaigns. Are you interested in advertising in the evening only? No problem. Interested in advertising exclusively? Great. Want to utilize our projection video system and external sound system, but not interested in the scrolling billboards? We can do that. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually… your wish is our command! *

6) Expertly targeted:

Sadly, you can not expect your customer to come looking for your advertisement. Enter Roadshow. We deliver your advertising message directly to your target market, period. Specific markets, neighborhoods, demographics, events, or just those areas of the city where traditional advertising is not allowed… our service is uniquely tailored to your needs. It’s that simple!

7) Proven and effective:

From the untouchable value to the unparalleled recall rates, name recognition and message retention… advertising with Roadshow simply cannot be beat. Don’t take our word for it; the statistics here speak for themselves.

8) Impossible to miss:

Our colorful eye-catching advertising vehicles are impossible to miss, and your brilliantly illuminated, scrolling advertisements will turn heads and command attention everywhere we go. Combine sight, sound, and movement to create a truly unique and engaging advertising campaign.

9) Expertly developed routes:

We’re not just randomly driving your message around the streets. Utilizing the latest vehicle and pedestrian traffic data our routes are skillfully designed and optimized to ensure maximum exposure, maximum frequency and maximum results. In short, each minute of everyday we deliver your advertising to the largest audience possible. Genius!

10) Your advertising goal is Roadshow’s mission:

The only reason that you would ever advertise is to increase the awareness of your business to your customers. Our mission is to do everything within our power to deliver your advertising message and promote your business directly to those who matter most – your customers.

At Roadshow we are setting a new standard in outdoor advertising with the most innovative, entertaining and engaging advertising campaigns in the nation. If you are looking to take your advertising to the next level, then look no further. Outdoor advertising in Calgary will never be the same again.

* Assuming availability.

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